I've driven over a million miles helping people properly buy and sell real estate all over the San Francisco Bay Area.
I am within 20 minutes of 75% of the Bay Area, and 40 minutes from the other 25% of the Bay Area.
I can juggle listings and sales in different cities simultaneously (My maximum capacity is 10). Current count: only 2 as of 8-8-05
Examples: Redwood City, Martinez, Los Gatos, Richmond, Antioch and Tiburon at the same time!
Every day I am in totally different areas, yet maintain my super high degree of customer service.
How can I do this? Technology, Brains and The Willingness/Motivation to Go The Extra Mile to Help People in Need.
I am able to manage my business to simultaneously serve both Buyers and Sellers in the South Bay, the East Bay, the Peninsula & the North Bay,
yet my clients know that I am always available - in person, by phone and by email. Yes, you can ALWAYS reach me.
Personal Notes About Me:
I'm not that good looking and neither is the vehicle I drive.
I don't necessarily want to be your "friend."
I don't advertise or promote myself much except in this website. (Don't need to and will tell you why!)
As your Broker, I will tell you the truth, properly advise you and provide you with excellent service.
In fact, I specialize in helping buyers and sellers all over the Bay Area
who have been improperly advised, lied to and/or mistreated with poor service.
I can work in ALL price ranges and ALL Bay Area neighborhoods, regardless of where you and the property are located. This means I do not discriminate in the areas or the price range I work in, and I work on each transaction myself (I have no assistants). From higher priced areas like Lamorinda/Blackhawk/Tiburon/Los Gatos to the lower priced areas of Richmond, Oakland, the Delta and TICs in San Francisco. Whatever your objectives, I can provide the expertise and service to get them done properly. Don't take my word for it, ask to receive my References, and see the results at My Track Record.
Buyers: After we find the right property, then we must be aggressive to get your offer accepted in this highly competitive market. Call on me to "do it right!" Look at some of the resources I use to serve you...
Since 1984, I have taught myself computer programs that allow me to do the job of 10+ people all by myself. I combine 15 sources of information into one database (I call this "Data Convergence"), and this quickly and visually tells me where I can direct my efforts to serve both Buyers and Sellers more effectively and professionally, including but not limited to...
1) Finding properties for Buyers that are both listed and unlisted. Search Now!
2) Determining the current market value of property and advising clients about present values. It's best that you have a computer, but it's not necessary. I can print/copy/fax/scan and email documents right from my car!
3) Listing and Marketing properties in ways that are more successful than "local area specialists." I've re-listed hundreds of properties other Brokers have failed to sell. See my track record.
The scope of my knowledge & over a million miles of "pounding the pavement experience" is beyond compare.
Don't make a move without me!
Different types of transactions in real estate:
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