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AOL USERS: Don't use the built-in "Explorer" browser - Run Explorer as a separate application.
IE 4.0 USERS: 1) Click on FULL SCREEN icon. 2) Turn AUTOHIDE on by right clicking anywhere on the Explorer top menu bar and choosing AUTOHIDE. 3) Under View Options, choose SMALLEST FONT SIZE.
4) Press the VCR BACK button at the top center of the screen to go to the previous page and the VCR FORWARD button to go to the next page you have already visited. Those pages will reappear in the order in which you viewed them. Sometimes you need to click TWICE.
NETSCAPE USERS: 1) Pull down the View command list, choose HIDE for all 3 toolbars except NAVIGATION TOOLBAR. 2) Pull down Edit Preferences comand list and choose FONTS, then click on "Use document-specified fonts, including Dynamic Fonts. 3) The VCR buttons pictured above won't work - please use Netscape's Back and Forward buttons on the Navigation Toolbar instead.
Look for hyperlinks inside photographs: Your mouse pointer (6) changes in the shape of a hand whenever it passes over a graphic or text hyperlink.
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