6150 Dimm Way Richmond View, 94805-1217
Tewksbury Heights - Unincorporated Contra Costa County on approx 0.80 acres.
Overlooking WildCat Canyon! Marketed by Gordon Phillip Allen - 800-837-3999.
To see this home, call Gordon today!
Unbeleivable Opportunity - Home on 0.39 acre plus 3 lots on a total of approx. 0.41 acre.
Other buildings spread out on the 3 contiguous lots include:
1200 SqFt shop with 1/2 bath, 220 wiring, two phone lines, compressed air plumbing.
800 SqFt Warehouse, and two other small storage buildings.
776 SqFt 3 car detached garage + enclosed workshop
The 3 lots require a small lot variance (approx. $600 application fee from Contra Costa County), because they are smaller than 6,000 SqFt (zoned R-6), but one might also try a lot line adjustment (approx. $550 application fee) to make lots larger and take some land away from the .39 acres that the house lies on. There's also a 5th lot, albeit small and unbuildable (parcel and lot #19), with water and natural gas lines that come down Bernhard Ave to lot 29 (parcel 06).
The Lot that the house is on (.39 acres) goes east of the RV pad to the big tree w/ivy growing up it! There are no clear boundaries visible on these lots, so a survey is highly recommended, if not necessary.
A few minutes to Highway 80, but on the "other side of the world." Zero Freeway Noise, Can only see 1 other home, and it's across the canyon.
A mountain retreat-like atmosphere with redwoods, etc. overlooking Wildcat Canyon! Owned by this family since the 1930's. This will be the first time sold since then!
Previously listed at $748,000 and $675,000; now it's 625,000!
Complete Disclosure Package is available on the kitchen counter. This web page contains the latest updated information not included in the printed disclosure package. I update the printed disclosure packages now & then and will copy and paste my remarks contained in this website to the printed "Supplemental Disclosure" Page when we enter escrow.
2 page Brochure (below) / $630,000 Appraisal dated March 2002 (36 pages) / Two Pest Control Reports (7 pages and 8 pages) / Seller's Transfer Disclosure Statement (6 pages) / Listing Agent's Disclosure Statement Addendum (6 pages), Contra Costa County Private Rural Road Standards, and the Placer title Preliminary Title Report, letter from Placer title dated 2-4-04, Sewer map, sewer permit, and additional comments I've made below.
Page One of the Brochure...
Travelling North on 80, take Solano Ave exit, go straight after stop,
turn right on McBryde, Right on Arlington, left on Bernhard,
left on Dimm to very end.
Travelling South on 80, take McBryde exit, turn left on McBryde,
Right on Arlington, left on Bernhard, left on Dimm to very end.
Page Two of the brochure...
The comps for VACANT LOTS of this size in this area are $120,000-140,000 (ask me for a complete list from MLS). These 3 lots for sale, contiguous to the house and it's .39 acre lot, are priced at $75,000 each. The lots selling near $75,000 are inferiorly located near the freeway in areas like Clinton Avenue and the flat lands.
The breakdown of the total asking price of $625,000 is as follows: $400,000 for the house, and $75,000 for each of the 3 lots, which the Seller wants to sell together. The house is only available to be purchased separately if someone closes escrow on the 3 lots first. Like all prices, they are negotiable.
The reason these 3 lots are priced super low is that the road most likely needs to be widened 16-20 feet in order to build one or more new homes on any of the 3 lots. Contact the county for more information and read the private rural road standards. Also, the property could be enjoyed just the way it is, which is exactly what the original owner, Herb Weustoff, did for over 60 years. The privacy and tranquility are unsurpassed!
The last change in the area occurred in 1967 when Herb obtained a permit and got approval for the sewer, which the sanitary distict installed - see map and permit below. The trustee of his estate is now the owner, and was a partner with Herb in a home business that restored antique Rolls Royces and Bentleys on this property. This is a very unique set-up, indeed.
The above dark blue line running south and along the rear of the subject parcels 07, 06, 05 and 04 (and running between 04 and 05) is what the title company states is the visual equivalent of the written sewer easement on the title report. However, the actual sewer is located on the map the west county waste water district faxed me (voice # is 510-222-6700).
The above letter states two exemptions Placer will make on a title policy.
The first exemption, they tell me, is because this portion of Dimm Way is neither a public dedicated/county road nor a private road, since no one is paying taxes on the roadway parcel. The explanation they gave me is that the original developer, East Richmond Land Company, in 1909 did not include the word Way in the list of streets, roads, avenues, courts etc. that they dedicated over to the County of Contra Costa. This roadway has been here approximately 60 years, maintained by Mr. Herbert Weustoff himself since approx. 1940, and it has always been considered a private road and it even has a large very old sign "Private Road" at the beginning of this unpaved section of Dimm Way, but now we know as of 2-4-04 that it is not a private road, technically speaking.
Placer Title's second exemption was based on their finding of an online Contra Costa County Map at http://www.ccmap.us/gis/ showing that Dimm Way goes right through the house and through the middle of 6 lots to the west of the lot the house is on! Quite ridiculous indeed, but nevertheless this County map is something I have to disclose. This house was built with a permit in approx 1967. The sewer was also installed and built with a permit (see below) in the proper "real" road as has existed for over 60 years. Wherever or whoever made this map is unknown, but it has a warning on the web page that "The County of Contra Costa shall assume no liability for: 1. Any errors, omissions or inaccuracies in the information provided regardless of how caused; or 2. Any decisions made or actions taken by any person in reliance upon any information or data furnished hereunder."
When you enter the website above, enter the address or the parcel number 4191433007 and click on SEARCH. You will get a screen that looks exactly like the map below.
Regarding Placer's second exemption, it is a fact that a small portion of the driveway (on parcel 04) leading up to the garage at the corner of Dimm Way has been disclosed by the seller to me to be over the neighboring lot (parcel 03) line to the west. It's not a significant change that will need to be made, since this driveway is not paved. This is only ascertainable with a survey, which again is highly recommended. I am fairly certain however that Placer was referring to Dimm Way itself and not this "driveway" that is leading up to the garage as the "driveway that is encroaching on adjoinng lands" in their letter above from Valerie Cummings. In any case, a survey of the roadway and entire 5 parcels is highly recommended. Below is a copy of what you'll see at the County's GIS Map database when you enter the address or APN...
I was told by Kathleen Grady at 925-313-7500 that the above map is an "ortho photo," for the fire and emergency department uses, which is not guaranteed. It is a map which will be updated very soon, but the person in charge of the map system, gis director/coordinator John Huey, has not yet returned my call.
The above page describes a portion of Dimm Way which has been dedicated to the County (for maintenance purposes), but I am told that it does not include the portion of Dimm Way from where the "private road" sign is located and forward. That's why this has been labeled a private road by the owner since 1938-1940. Technically, the developer from 1909 still owns this roadway.
The pages above and 2 pages below are from the Sanitary District showing the location of the sewer line to the house and in the roadway called "Dimm Way" and the permit itself having been approved.
Other Info
Maintenance of road: Every 5 years or so, owner would have road scraped, added new gravel and leveled the gravel to fill in the pot holes.
This is within the Hayward earthquake fault zone, per verbal from JCP Reports.com. Full written report to follow, including"Envirocheck."
Gas and water lines come down from Bernhard on lot 19 and tie into the area behind the garage/2 yr old shed. This lot 19 is part of 6150 Dimm Way, owned fee simple, not as an easement.
A surveyor has quoted me approx. $2,000 to estimate the basic physical features of the lots; the buildings, the roadway and the driveways, with respect to the property lines. This does not include staking any of the boundary points in the ground, just showing them on the map. The map would include locations of the noted physical features, with elevations at the building corners and edges of the roads/driveways if needed, but not contours. Call me for his name and phone number.
Also, if you plan to build here, I suggest you consult with an engineer about a road proposal. This would be most likley required when new construction is started.
I have been told this portion of Dimm Way leading up to the house may come under the County’s Private Rural Road Standards, an 8 page fax pasted on the web page below. The owner wrote a letter dated 1-22-04 to further clarify the history of this driveway as far as he knows it. But again, I learned 2-4-04 that this is technically not a private road as far as the title company is concerned. I do not know what the County refers this road as, but I will call Public works on 2-9-04 to ascertain the what they understand about this portion of Dimm Way.
These fax pages below are for NEW ROAD DESIGNS that may or may not be pertinent for the continued use of the property in its present state or for when the new owner decides to build new home(s) on one or more of the lot(s). Buyer is to conduct their own investigations as to the status of this road and any requirements that may be needed to statisfy different agencies like the Fire District, etc.
The word "petunia" is placquered over the post across the street which says "sewer" underneath it. It was just put there to hide the word "sewer."
This is the letter the Seller wrote me describing his knowledge of how Herb Weustoff enjoyed the roadway and how he protected it. There is no other documentation the Seller has found regarding this roadway.
Below is the 8 page "Private Rural Road Standards" the County faxed me.
Preliminary Title Report
* All numbers are approximate. Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed.
Data gathered from MLS database, county assessor database, and in person with owner and 30 year resident Roger Slagel.
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