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Finding the right property is the easy part. But if you insist on searching on your own, take note: It's "fun" to browse the following Magazines & Websites, but call me when you are ready to actually buy. I'll get you organized quckly and keep your eyes & ears on all Bay Area real estate. There is no need to get all these magazines....
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1) Get pre-approved for a loan before looking for property.
Why? It's free, it will tell you what your maximum purchasing power will be, it will show you all the different kinds of loan programs available, it will be one of your tickets to winning the seller's heart when making an offer. Don't leave home without it. Any loan agent can help you!
2) Understand the Different Search Methods and Techniques to shop online for available properties for sale.
With my service, you'll get up to FIVE reports, updated whenever you want - See below. You will see ALL the changes in the market since the last update. Not all brokers know how to use the software on an expert level to provide you with this data. You will then receive a report with color pictures, maps and detailed info on each listing that matches your search parameters. Fill out the Secure Search Form now!
243724	3435  GLENPROSEN CT	ACTIVE	$695,000	<no change>
220642	4437  LANES END PL	ACTIVE	$695,000	<no change>
242847	2678  GLEN HARDY CT	ACTIVE	$670,000	<no change>
242250	2596  MONTE LINDO CT ACTIVE	$669,000	was: $679,888 (price reduction)
244330	2935  GLEN CRAIG CT	ACTIVE	$659,888	NEW LISTING
240143	3009  FOWLER RD	    ACTIVE	$659,000	<no change>
218700	2562  GLEN DUNDEE WY ACTIVE	$649,500	<no change>
225063	3230  HERITAGE POINT ACTIVE	$649,000	<no change>
240607	3653  WALLY PLACE WY ACTIVE	$639,500	<no change>
236164	3008  CALLE DE LAS FL ACTIVE $639,000	<no change>
239215	2474  GLEN DUFF WY	ACTIVE	$625,000	<no change>
244889	2481  GLEN DUFF WY	ACTIVE	$599,000	NEW LISTING
240168	2801  GLEN SHARON WY ACTIVE	$575,000	was: $590,000
242921	2484  GLEN ANGUS WY	ACTIVE	$560,000	<no change>
238909	371  HUCKLEBERRY DR	ACTIVE	$699,900	<no change>
242522	5830  PALA MESA DR	ACTIVE	$699,000	<no change>
241984	737  HOMEWARD PL	ACTIVE	$699,000	<no change>
243844	5935  PALA MESA DR	ACTIVE	$658,000	<no change>
242859	5839  PALA MESA DR	ACTIVE	$649,000	<no change>
235925	3476  QUARRY PARK DR ACTIVE	$615,000	<no change>
235218	4658  LA CRESCENT LP ACTIVE	$599,900	<no change>
237375	5304  CENTERHART CT	ACTIVE	$544,950	<no change>
204020	2963  EVERDALE DR	ACTIVE	$540,000	Removed from DB (sold or otherwise off the market)
239201	2481  GLEN DUFF WY	ACTIVE	$599,950	Removed from DB
240274	2533  GLEN DUNDEE WY ACTIVE	$599,999	Removed from DB
235502	2500  GLEN ELM WY	ACTIVE	$659,000	Removed from DB
243570	3002  CALLE DE LAS FL ACTIVE $678,000	Removed from DB
3) View Properties, Select which property to purchase, and decide what to offer.
Any broker can show you property. Try to use the same broker for everything, instead of working with more than 1 agent. I'm one of the very few brokers that show and market property throughout the bay area. When you find the property that's right for you, that's when I really get to work. I'll show you the sales data (comps) in a detailed manner which will make sense to you, so you can decide what the current value of a property is.
I'll also show you the PENDING SALES list, like this list, also accompanied by color picts and a map with all matches plotted...
Of course, I can even drive you by these comps while looking at this data on my notebook's screen - and calling the agents in those transactions to verify and compile more useful data.
4) Present the Offer(s) and get it accepted - work out differences in the counter offer(s).
With my mobile office, I can professionally print/fax/copy your offer and hundreds of California Association of Realtor Approved forms in just a few minutes. I also personally present offers in front of the Sellers and their agent. I also have all the forms from each local Association of Realtors.
The game of real estate: Some listing agents, for quite a few years now, have been creating a false bidding war-type market, wherein they only present offers (if any) on a listing they have until a certain future date. The Sellers usually don't know this is going on. But those Sellers that do are usually not the ones instigating these "rules," the agents are. So, as a Buyer, you are left to bid on a property along with x number of other buyers. This is anti-consumerism, anti-fair marketing, but there is nothing I nor you can do except play their game or wait for another listing to come up. It's even worst with new construction, where the builders have their agents hold lotteries. Result: you'll end up paying more for the property than it is worth!
5) Remove Contingencies.
This requires hands-on personal review of all the reports and correspondence during the escrow. My typical escrow files end up being 3-4 inches thick of this stuff. I do this myself, instead of an assistant or office staff. Why is this important? There will be less mistakes and this means savings of time and money to you!
6) Sign Closing Papers at Escrow Company.
Did you know that very few brokers actually show up to meet you at the signing of escrow instructions? I do.
7) Reap the Benefits of ownership.
Give me a ring today for excellent representation at (800) 837-3999. I even answer the phone myself - Very seldom will you end up in voice mail hell!

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