Special Services
Buyers: Short cuts to finding a property (Be there 1st/Be the Winning Bid/Make Backup Offers/Be a 100% completely informed Buyer (Listing History and Tax assessor data):
Other than the MLS email reports I send to my Buyers, I maintain a database of "off market listings" that never sold. Have me check these for you in your area.
Email reports: Active Listings - 100% of them, updated to your inbox whenever you want.
Newspaper ads: Only 1% of listings show up here, but sometimes the newest listings appear here before they are entered into the MLS.
Signs: Same here; a sign may go up on a new listing before it is entered into the MLS by a few days.
Advice during the entire process
Show up for inspections, signing of the "escrow instructions" at the title/escrow company.
Also: For those Buyer clients of mine who are not likely to find a property through the above sources, I directly solicit ("target") property owners that match your search criteria that are not listed (yet).
These services do not cost you a penny. All I ask is that you be loyal to me.
Sellers: Short cuts to selling a property.
Pricing is the key. What price is right? Complete/detailed research on the comparable properties (if any). Updated twice a week or as often as you'd like.
Marketing: Communicating amenities, maps, pictures, and most importantly the comparable properties (also pictured) via printed brochure, internet web pages, and MLS listings
Feedback: What happened to each showing.
Advice during the entire process.
Show up for signing "escrow instructions" at the title/escrow company.
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