Please advise your loan agent to include these recommended contents in your pre-approval letter:
- Mortgage broker has reviewed current credit reports from 3 bureaus. Broker to state FICO score.
- Mortgage broker has reviewed buyer's Verification of Income (VOI), Verification of cash-to close (VOD)
- Buyer's Income, Assets, Debt-to-Income Ratio (DTI), and credit has been reviewed and is sufficient to obtain the required mortgage in accordance with the rate / term as defined on the purchase agreement.
- Buyer is approved for purchase price up to $________, a loan amount not to exceed _______% of the purchase price.
- The type of loan must be stated (i.e., FHA, VA, Conventional, etc.)
OR better yet, just obtain a DU (Desktop Underwriting) Approval!
- Proof of Funds. Send Proof of Funds with your offer. [Copy of checking/savings statement(s) and black out your account number(s)]