Click on county to view Gordon's database of future listings! (The prices will be different than listed) I spend 50% of my time re-listing properties other Real Estate Brokers couldn't sell.I have represented hundreds of people as their REALTOR,® real esate agent & broker. Most consumers don't know what they don't know, so I take the time to explain reality that will help them save time and grief. I'm not supposed to say "save money," but there are many documented cases of this, and I will comment only in private.
First, learn where I have helped buyers and sellers succeed all over the SF Bay Area - not just Contra Costa and Alameda Counties, but the north bay, south bay, Half Moon Bay and SF. I am within 30-45 minutes of all these areas, although lately traffic has become unbearable:
510 925 707 415 650 408
Second, I've been successful serving buyers and sellers around the bay, because I adopted mobile technology in 1985, which enabled me to answer phone calls, send/receive/print emails/faxes/offers & access data in the field, wirelessly. Everyone today takes this shrunken technology for granted, but before 2008, most people were still working with faxes and printed forms.

Buyers: I help you save time with the "right list" in possession at all times, and smartly represent you in the writing & presenting of your offers so you are happy with the right price & terms.
Let's start with the truth about the online searches: Thousands of websites duplicate the MLS Listing Data - so why use me? Simply because they are MISSING SOME LISTINGS, which could include your next home (see IDX and how it works). I know the inner workings of the MLS listing system, and no website can replace a human being with this knowledge & field experience.
Start here to receive "real time" email updates.
Your initial view will look similar to this. and more.
My Buyers enjoy the confidence in knowing they see the entire market; they also feel great when I refer them to financing solutions others are too lazy to offer or explain. This includes free & instant credit repair to boost your credit score, properly "tweak" your income to debt ratio, etc so you can qualify. How? Credit Reporting "brokers." I'll explain further in person.
I do it all in a smart, efficient way. Pre-approval, searching, showing, writing, & closing escrow. Note: Your loan pre-approval letter should reflect these items.
Call for my lenders' APR & real-time quotes, special loan deals.
FHA VA & Conventional Loans are now up to $729,750
My reports are the only way to see 100% of the "ACTIVE" MLS listings. Through email reports & real-time email updates you'll receive new listings & price changes. So, fill out this form to get started with the initial list today! Most other websites just want your email address to sell it. Isn't that ridiculous!
I will also show you homes which did not sell. Click on map (at top left) to see a sample of this data. These listings will be updated for your specific search criteria when you start working with me. You won't see this data or receive this level of service from any other broker!
My lists include everything: Normal sales, bank-owned (REO/Foreclosures), Short Sales, Probates, Bankruptcies, Notices of Defaults, etc.

Do I have time for new clients? Yes - I welcome a limited number of new sellers & buyers. I am not a "store." I am always in the field meeting buyers and sellers (mostly referrals). I don't need to advertise myself.
From fixer uppers to unique homes & estates - in the most unique locations, multi family properties, or those with unique features, views, etc. I have even helped many agents & brokers with their own properties.

When laptop computers became available in the mid 1980's, I bought one and a mobile printer to help me help my clients better!
To this day, I keep hearing from new clients how their previous brokers did not take the time to show them the correct data to advise them properly.
A laptop with wireless internet, printer and DC Converter in vehicle enables me to do my job anywhere.
Being always in the field makes me see reality like no one else.
For example, I can tell based on current sales (and non sales) in one area how another area will be affected by those trends in the near future. A decrease in sales volume in one area will bring the same to another area, because I know where buyers look for their 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices. As this market recovers, some areas will be in more demand than others. Call me for my opinion of your specific area's trends and likely outcomes in the near future.
My two physical addresses do not mean I just serve people nearby. I work far & wide using wireless technology, helping those most in need.
Concord Office '82-'87 / Danville Office '88-'94
Orinda Office '95-'15 Castro Valley Office '00-'03
El Sobrante Office '03+
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Buyers & sellers call on me to represent them, because they are highly motivated to find a really good Broker due to poor service/bad results from their "neighborhood specialist," friend, "friend of a friend," and even their own relatives.

Sellers: I list homes & get them sold at the right price and within the time sellers want.
Countless sellers have listed homes with me after their previous brokers were unable to sell, and I've sold them within approximately three weeks (or within the time my sellers wanted them sold). And all this after the sellers only knew me for a few hours! They "fired" their "friend" agent, who they knew for years, sometimes for decades, and wound up listing with me, a complete stranger.
"What is my home really going to sell at, what price should I list it at, and for how long is the listing for?"
Do your research on my solid 37 year track record of solving the toughest problems for buyers and sellers all around the Bay Area. You will enjoy a transaction that is "bump free" (except with short sales, which always have bumps - my first one was in 1990, and they still can be a nightmare). The results are priceless to you, and I keep watching out for you each step of the way.
Right now, there are homes selling for both higher and lower than their "reasonable current market value" - I know that doesn't sound right, but it's true. It's a craazy market out there, so no matter what your circumastances, allow me to help you make sense of it, and get it sold & closed quickly.
All websites claiming to help you determine market values are not accurate! They are often many tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars wrong. They just want your email address to sell it or get a referral fee. Ridiculous! Just call me instead.
There are a lot of agents and brokers who will discount something, or tell you what you want to hear just to get your business, or pretend to be your "friend." This is one reson I don't like FaceBook - it redefines a "friend" as a superficial acquaintance at the click of a mouse. Sure, I'm a nice guy and friendly, but I won't pretend to be your friend just for the sake of doing business.

Property Types I work with
Single Family, Condos, Town Homes, 2-4 Units, 5-15 Units, 16+ Units, Hotels/Motels, Vacant Land/Lots, Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural, Ranches
I know all the neighborhoods of the Bay Area with over 1 million miles traveled.
"The press" is most always lagging behind what's really happening in the real estate market. Call me today to get the latest scoop on your area of interest.
About the Future of Real Estate
Buying & Selling is a highly complex process
Estimating current values, negotiating price, and terms among human beings on one or both sides of a transaction are very complex processes, especially when values keep changing. Therefore, this process must never be left to computers or people behind a desk to determine. Being "always in the field" makes me see reality like no one else.
I choose not to become a certified appraiser, because they must abide by certain California State standards, which do not consider the reality of the marketplace in many instances.
And neither can a computer program accurately determine the value of real estate!
I know the details of the MLS & County Tax Assessor databases. I drive by and see the comps. I make phone calls to verify sales data. I know what to look for that may tell us that something unusual is happening that could save you many thousands of dollars and/or help you to avoid making mistakes.
I pound the pavement, drive by the comparable active listings, pending sales and closed sales. This is rarely done by other REALTORS,® yet so necessary to your success!
In the past 10 years, I have realized some sellers don't want to be super successul, because I see them sell significantly below value. That's their choice.
About Real Estate
Favorite Quotes
My physical location has very little to do with where I work. I don't regularly solicit any neighborhoods. Instead, I go where I am needed by buyers & sellers the most; those who need help NOW. My two physical locations where I am registered by the California Department of Real Estate are:
3316 Hillcrest Rd, El Sobrante, 94806