2362 Brooks Ave, Richmond: For Sale

This Home has a Double Lot (.20 acre with 2nd unit zoning),
but is priced below those with half the lot size and no 2nd unit zoning and smaller homes! See comps for more.
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City of Richmond's 2nd unit ordinance...
*** Permitted as a transitional use within a residential structure. Development Standards. The following is a partial listing of standards that shall apply in the MFR-2-multifamily medium density residential districts. For a complete delineation of all development standards applicable refer to Section 15.04.830.
Minimum lot size is 5,000 square feet.
Exceptions: Where a lot has a width of less than fifty (50) feet or an area of less than five thousand (5,000) square feet and was recorded under one ownership at the time this chapter became effective, and has not subsequently been consolidated with an abutting lot under one ownership, such lot may be occupied by any use permitted in this section, except that:
(a) Any such lot that is three thousand three hundred (3,300) square feet or less in area or is thirty-three (33) feet or less in average width, shall constitute a residential building site lot of not to exceed one single-family dwelling unit.
(b) Any such lot that exceeds the dimensions and area enumerated above, but which is three thousand seven hundred fifty (3,750) square feet or less in area, or is thirty-seven and one-half (371/2) feet or less in average width shall, constitute a residential building site lot of not to exceed one two-family dwelling unit.
Further exceptions are allowed for built-up and nonconforming lots. Refer to Section 15.04.830.030 for details.
Accessory buildings and structures must comply with requirements specified under Section 15.04.880. (See example above)
*Unless otherwise specified, front and rear setbacks are 20% of the lot depth with a maximum of 20N required. Interior side yard setbacks are 10% of the lot width with a 3N minimum and a 5N maximum.
Required minimum interior yard space (IYS) for multifamily units is 20% of lot area.
See Section 15.04.830.030(B).
Open Space Requirements.
For single-family dwellings and duplexes, interior yard space equal to 16% of the lot area shall be provided.
Private Open Space--square feet/per dwelling unit
Common Open Space--square feet/per dwelling unit
Required Additional--square feet/per dwelling unit (2 + bedroom units)

100 common or private Performance Standards. The uses in this district must comply with all applicable performance standards delineated in Section 15.04.840. Parking and Loading Requirements. In addition to the number of parking spaces which follow, all parking and loading must comply with the provisions contained in Section 15.04.850.
Single-family 2 spaces per unit
Duplexes 2 spaces per unit
1 bedroom 1 space per unit
2 bedrooms 1.5 spaces per unit
3 or more bedrooms 2 spaces per unit
Guest Parking 1 guest space per five units
* All measurements are rounded up. All numbers are approximate. Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed.
Data gathered from MLS database, assessor database and by telephone.
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